Michael Eisenga

    Former Mayor of Columbus

    Real Estate and Business Investor

  • About Michael Eisenga

    Michael Eisenga is a commercial real estate investor, entrepreneur, and proud father of three boys. His wide range of skills includes commercial real estate investing, property management, assisting living facility operation, leadership, strategic planning, public policy, and community outreach.

    Mr. Eisenga is most passionate about finding and improving profitable investments. Lately, he has been focusing on fueling development in smaller communities through assisting living facilities.

    Michael is a hard-working leader who makes things happen, handling everything from approval through municipal and government agencies to financing, development, and construction. Whether it’s assisted living, residential, commercial, or retail development, he has done it.

    Michael Eisenga has had advanced training in banking and finance through the American Institute of Banking. However, he says his lengthy work experience was crucial for his career.

    Mr. Eisenga supports his church and local schools, police department, hospitals, as well as the Worldwide Orphan Fund.

    When he is not working, Michael enjoys traveling and spending time with his kids.

  • Professional Experience

    Mr. Eisenga has held numerous civic roles, such as:


    • Mayor, City of Columbus ;
    • Executive Board Member of Columbus Chamber;
    • Board Member, City of Columbus Community Development Authority ;
    • Chairman, City of Columbus Finance Committee;
    • Chairman, City of Columbus Plan Commission;
    • Member of the City of Columbus Board of Review;
    • First Vice President, Columbia County Economic Development Corporation;
    • Executive Board Member, Columbia County Economic Development Corporation;
    • Chairman, Columbia County Revolving Loan Fund;
    • Chairman, City of Columbus Revolving Loan Fund;
    • Executive Round Table Member, Republican Governors Association;
    • Junior High Youth Group Leader, at his local church;
    • Chairman of the Administrative Council, at his local church;
    • Chairman of the Republican Party of Columbia County;
    • Member of the fundraising group to build a new community aquatic center and a top-level contributor financially.
  • Enhancing the Quality of Life


    "I like to be able to focus professionally on improving things in smaller communities. I think a lot of times the large cities have a lot of things that are offered, but the smaller communities in that 2,000 to 15,000 person range sometimes can be very limited. So I like to find ways to enhance the quality of life in those communities."

    Michael Eisenga

  • Donations

    Mr. Eisenga has made several civic donations, including:

    • $5,000.00 toward Columbus’s first drug dog;
    • $2,500.00 toward the restoration of the Columbus Park Pavilion;
    • $30,000.00 toward the Columbus Aquatic Center;
    • Donations to the Columbus Area Endowment and other local charities.
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  • "I’ve been to over 40 countries around the world. I definitely have very much an international viewpoint of the world, and also a tremendous appreciation for the United States of America and what it offers to all of us who live here. What we have many of us just take it for granted."

    Michael Eisenga

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